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12.04.2021 20:49

Types of antennas for Internet connection

Mobile connection is the only way of communication for some remote areas of the city. External GSM antenna is used in cellular signal amplification systems. It is mainly installed on the roofs or facades of buildings to increase the power of radio waves received from and transmitted to the operator's base station. The choice of the remote antenna type to improve the transmission quality depends, first of all, on the object.

Features of external GSM antenna

External antenna for receiving and transmitting a GSM signal is a general simplified name for a device to receive and transmit a signal of the desired frequency in the specified direction. Today, this type of receiver is used everywhere.

In fact, the GSM antenna is a receiving and transmitting device that amplifies the basic cellular signal. Mobile equipment is divided into several types regarding the design and the principle of operation. When choosing and installing the device, user has to take into account the signal power indicator at the subscriber's location, terrain features and technical capabilities.

The determining criterion is the operating frequency. Currently, there are different frequency ranges. There is no universal device for receiving and transmitting a high-quality signal at all frequencies.

In order for the external gsm antenna to work at full capacity and without failures, it must be positioned as high as possible. The fact is that interference can be created from a variety of objects: brick walls and reinforced concrete of neighboring buildings, metal coverings, even the foliage of trees in which moisture accumulates, and so on.

Types of Wi-fi antenna

External antennas

To access the network from a desktop computer that does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, an adapter to connect the computer to the Wi-Fi antenna is the best option. The main criterion for the high-quality operation of such a receiver is the power of the wireless signal.

To ensure the connection between the device and the antenna as good as possible, today users can install industrial long-range devices and Wi-Fi antennas. According to the way of installation, the antennas are divided into two types:

  1. External ones. The external antenna of the router has an increased gain when installed in the line of sight;
  2. Internal type. The internal Wi-Fi antenna is characterized by a relatively weak wireless signal gain. The small size and equipment features are good for installing it indoors.

Wi-fi antennas can be connected to the access point itself either directly or via a cable. At the same time, a special miniature SMA connector is used to connect the antenna or cable to the access point.

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